radishman (radishman) wrote in doubledashers,

Time For A Change

I remember how great it was last term when I woke up late and I never had to go to bed before midnight. I also had decent grades then, give or take a D in Science. I drove to school in usual fashion. For the most part I obey the speed limit. When someone is right on my ass, I tend to just continue with my speed. As they get impatient and pass me up I simply smile and flip them the bird when I notice them. Yes I said flip because that's what it's called... it's not "flick" you piece of crap. I started off with Computers. She came in with her stupid fuzzy hat and that drives me crazy. As first order of "business" she told us we needed to get into groups. She said 3-4 people in a group and so I joined the group in front of me that had 3 people in it. She then proceeded to explain the project and gave us basic guidelines. She said to think about topics and then we'll choose them in our groups. I already know that nobody will care which one we do. E-mail from the office, ergonomics, ethics... wow such exciting topics! I believe after that she discussed our third homework assignment.

Basically we have to write an article in word and put it in column format etc. I'm just going to use my Koopa Troopa ramble. Then I believe she finished off her powerpoint on the Internet. Monday we're supposed to finally start the lesson on word. After class I went to get my Bus Math book and then I went to class. I always turn the doorknob the wrong way every time I go to class. We got our tests back and I receieved a terrible grade... 48. She then assigned partners to do a pair of problems. I made simple mistakes and I should have at least got a 70-something. This is the hardest section and we're re-testing on Monday. I am actually going to study this weekend. The power also went out for a minute during the class. It was raining badly and I had to run out to the car to get my Economics book. When I finally got back I was soaked badly. The worst part was I didn't even need my book. He passed back the tests and although I did better than Bus Math, it wasn't great. I received a 61 and so he proceeded to go over the answers. The lowest was a 40-something and at least three people did worse than me. Two other people are just as smart as me, while the rest of the class is apparently better than the six of us. For the next test I will actually study. It seems there is a trend between my test scores and my study time.

Our topic for the report is due by Wednesday. Over the weekend I will start and complete my Bus Math report, find a topic and begin research on the Economics report, do Algebra homework, study for Bus Math test and if time permits watch some anime. I have a small plan for Economics. His standards are slightly lower than most grade scales. A 67 is considered a C, so I have to at least make that. He said if we chose to not do the report/presentation then our grade would drop one letter grade. That makes me think that if I do the project, then my grade will be higher by at least 5-10 points. If I maintain at least a 70, then I will have a high C by the end. Yay! Now for a short rant. I do not understand why people complain about wearing a seatbelt. I've only been driving for about 2+ years and I don't even realize I put my seatbelt on. I tried driving across the street from the BX to Burger King the other day without one on, just to see what it felt like... and I felt naked. It's just stupid how people think they shouldn't be forced to wear one. Nobody said you had to drink through your mouth, but it just makes sense to. You could try and inject it in your body by other means, but more than likely people will make fun of you. I hate my life, I'm in love with a different girl in my classes. In Algebra I love the messy-looking punkish girl that sits in front of me, Bus Math I love some punk girl in the back, Computers I'm in love with some soccer-looking player and another punk girl who sits in the corner by herself in Economics. I'd sell my anime/game collections for the courage to talk to them. Anyways I think I'll go cry now.
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