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Sun, Feb. 8th, 2004, 09:20 pm
blueoreo: ¤ Hold On, Just A Little Bit Longer ¤

Today (and yesterday for that matter) were very good days for me.

Why, you wonder? You silly little person! :p

I went to Amanda's house and had tons (okay, a little :p) of fun. I watched movies (Bruce Almighty, Radio, a little bit of Chicken Run...) and ate some Pizza Hut pizza. Let me tell you, that pizza was delicious. *Drools*

I also had my first Twinkie cake. Yummy! Maybe growing up I had a few Twinkies, but I don't quite remember. Hm...oh well.

I came home and wrote my english essay. After that I proceeded to dictionary.com to get my vocab definitions. Tomorrow I'll write sentences to go along with them.

Last week we were supposed to disect squid in Zoology, but they didn't come in. She told us we'd to them Monday, so tomorrow is the day. Joy. ¬¬

I really have nothing else to write about, so until later, good-bye.

And check out Cheerio's message board Richard. We spruced things up a bit. We cannot let it die.

Mon, Feb. 9th, 2004 04:15 am (UTC)

Or we could just let it die and keep the one I made you make...once you have it "perfect".

Hmm...you better have had a lot of fun. It wasn't my fault that I fell asleep. :( Damn you! Grrrrrrr...

And my dad seems to think that you look as if you've been losing weight. If only he knew. Mwhahahah. :| Sorry. But anyways...he said no more twinkies for you. *gobbles the rest down*...by the age of 40 Ill be as big as hippo...*cries*....