Sheila (blueoreo) wrote in doubledashers,

¤ Rainy Days Ahead ¤

Geez am I on a role or what?

Alright fellow Double Dashers, let me tell you about my day. It was okay, considering that Monday's usually suck titties.

1st Period Math-Did the warm-up, and took a quiz. Boring.

2nd Period Zoology-Teacher wasn't there, so we didn't dissect squid. Instead the sub just let us sit there and do nothing because he couldn't find the work Ms. McKinley supposedly left in her mailbox. Also some kid puked on the floor during first period and the janitors had to come and clean it up. We waited outside in the hall for awhile and talked. It smelled like shit in there the whole period!

4th Period Literature-We did out DLPs and turned in our essays. Afterwards we turned in our vocab sentences. Then she assigned us work in the lit book for Emily Dickenson. I was a good little girl and did my work. I felt nerdish as I read an old R.L. Stine book (not Goosebumps!)

6th Period CTA 2-I did most of my assignments and got on the internet.

The end!
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