radishman (radishman) wrote in doubledashers,

The Real Folk Blues

It's rare for this to happen, but I slept in a little today. I woke up around 10:30 and brought a soda and some cereal back to my room. I fell back asleep until about 1. I worked on my computers newsletter. I was going to try something different. For some reason I have fallen in love with the Cowboy Bebop ending, so I wanted to name my newsletter "The Real Folk Blues." But even after I renamed it, the Koopa Troopa image just looked too good. I revised the ramble and then added the requirements. There was no point in embarassing the teacher by putting my url on there.

Her: Excuse me, we need to talk.
Me: Yeah?
Her: I'm afraid there is a problem. You basically plagarized the entire webpage.
Me: It's my page! *Falcon Punch*

I found a random Mario site and killed two birds with one stone. I added my url and word art thing as one piece of text when I placed a link to Nintendoland.com. It was really too late in the day to work on my next report, so I decided to go with studying Economics and Computers. However, my Dad wanted to play games again. Whenever I say I have reports and such, he and the wigger start to say "you have all day." Yes, but I have a lot of work and all day is never that long. You guys always drag me away and it never gets done. I was watching an episode of Cowboy Bebop earlier and my Dad banged on my door to play games. Obviously he can't read the "do not disturb... seriously" sign on my door. I told him I was studying, which was the plan after I was finished. He tells me I should take breaks because working all day is not good.

Easily an excuse to get me to play without yelling. Breaks... what do you think Cowboy Bebop is? I stopped watching after the episode was over, simply because even at the highest volume I had trouble hearing with their screaming and constant knocking on my door. I do have school tomorrow, but I didn't know it was a special day. I remember on Monday the teachers kept reminding us, but I would never have known. I don't have a problem going, but I don't like the fact that both my Dad and the wigger are off. I wish I knew why exactly I am going to college. I do not plan on furthering my education after this degree. I won't be making any more bonus money in the air force, so it almost seems useless. My Dad told me that the air force pays for tuition of their employees. Then my Mom told me I should already be there, which is an obvious joke to save her money. It's funny because I'd rather join and then do it from there. It makes me think. I'm about to make a CD to listen to tomorrow, because my other one was only three tracks. I'm going to start working on my report during the week, that way I'm not bombarded with stress over the weekend. Besides, it's nearly impossible to finish it in one sitting with these people. - I miss peace and quiet. I have enough money for one DVD right now, but I'm going to wait. I find anime more enjoyable when I can watch them as a whole without pausing as I wait to buy the next volume. So I'm going to save my money until I can buy all 7 Steel Angel DVDs.
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