I woke up at 7:30! Yay, lots of sleep for me!!

I called Nikki and told her that I didn't need a ride, then Ma drove me to the Orthodonist. They fixed my problem..(damn god did the pain hurt!!)

2nd period: Typed. And got online. Yay!

4th: Took notes, did HW...and uh, sat there and talked to Ashlea and Jonathan.

6th: Took notes...paid attention. Apologized for being oh-so evil last time...and told him Id re-take the test next time in class or sometime during the day tomorrow.

We find out tomorrow morning if we made Varsity or JV. Instead of online, it'll be posted on the door. I'm so nervous.

Carin said she believes in me. I hope she makes it again too. I don't wanna be alone. Mitzi and Susu believe in me..and all the Varsity girls were telling me how good I was doing and Susana overheard some Varsity players talking about me and that it was good things they were saying.

I'm scared. I don't wanna think that I'll make it then walk up to the list and my number isn't on the Varsity list...I mean, I'll still play, bc I don't wanna leave my team behind...but I know Ill cry like a pansy...

Then again...Ill cry if I make Varsity, of happiness. God, Im so lame.


P.S. DoubleDashers is a gay-game...I..I...HATE it! :) Maybe it's bc I can't drive...but either way, it sucks ass. ;)
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It's a Sweet-Sour Life

The title says it all. Nobody's life is fully sweet, nor is it completely sour. There is always a little of both, one more than the other.

My life has more sweet to it, thankfully. *.*

Today was okay. Lemme give you a breakdown.

1st-Did some math problems and began a new chapter.

2nd-Did 17 questions from the book. Zoology sucks.

4th-Took vocab quiz, made a 76. -_- Gotta get ready for my Emerson & Thoreau test Thursday. Gotta turn in an essay Monday.

6th-Started typing on Excel, but it pissed me off so I quit and sneaked on the internet.

That's it.
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I'm writing, Happy?

Okay, my weekend sucked. I think Susana is going to be pissed at me, bc I didn't go spend the night with her...after I planned it and everything.

I just wanted to spend time with Sheila, but as you can see..that didn't happen either. :(

My weekend was okay. I spent lots of time with my mother, I guess that's ok.

I asked her about going to FL with Angela and Susana and she said she didn't I reminded her that it was all free. I didn't have to pay for anything. If that'll change her mind, I don't know. :(

Ugh. Life sucks. But whatever.

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I Wish It Were Saturday

Alright, for starters this weekend has been both stressful and fun.

I was going to go to Manda's this weekend, but a fuss with my dad scrapped my idea. It also caused me to run up to my room, lay down on the bed, and sob myself to sleep. Crying is one thing I rarely do, but he said some things that upsetted me. He said I better start doing choirs around the house, and how much of a lazy ass I am. I told him I never get to go out and do anything with friends, with is true. I mentioned how my brother had a much better childhood than me, which is also true. Sure, I get more stuff than he did, because my family has more money to spend than they did when my brother was growing up. But, my brother's childhood was better because he had a lot of freedom to do whatever he pleased. He road his bike to the store, went fishing with his pals, and basically did anything he wanted. So what if it was in Southern GA? I can have fun up here too. But now, I am forced to stay indoors most of the time. Maybe that's why my eyes are sensitive to the sun! The tan I gained over the summer is faded. I am white as a ghost-almost.

On the other hand, I went to Wal-Mart today with my dad. He bought me a 14k dolphin charm to put on alongside my cross with the necklace my dad got me for my birthday. I never take the necklace off. I love it. After we got the necklace I walked around for a few, and looked at the fish. I like those neon fish...I forgot what they're called. I'll be sure to buy some one for my future fish tank.

As I was walking, my sore knee suddenly locked up. And lemme tell you, it did not feel good. For the rest of Wal-Mart I had to walk slowly and keep my sore knee straight. I looked all crippled walking around. After bending it around later, it loosened up, and now it feels good again. I just hope I never have to feel that pain anymore. But with my luck I will.

Saturday a program about Sea World came on around 6pm on the Travel Channel, and I recorded it. As I watched it I remembered seeing it before, but I watched it all anyway. The last time I went to Sea World was when I was around 2 years of age. It is about time I go again.

Rockdale County and surrounding Northern GA counties are up for another ice-storm warning again tonight. I hope the roads freeze over and we don't have to go to school.

Sorry for the boring entry. I was just trying to get DD up and running again. Also enjoy the new layout.

Chobits Images

Answering Prayers

The Double Dashers, who have at least 4 members aren't posting. I have another journal and yet I still find time... not to mention my personal site. Anyways, I recently opened a Molly Holly website. The page made me uneasy, seeing as all my "me" sections were becoming crowded. I decided to make a new page, but still retain my Molly site. Basically I'm going back to "Richard Land" but still holding Molly-World for as long as I want. My "new" site is coming along shortly and will be up in a little while. School sucks, what can I say? I did get a 100 recently on my business math test, but that isn't something to brag. The problems were +,-,*,/ fractions and decimals numbers. And since we could use a calculator, there was no excuse. She wrote EXCELLENT! and so I had to show up my family by placing it snugly behind my 11th grade straight A's star on the entertainment center. My Dad always says "that was 2 yrs ago..." whenever I bring up the star, but no one in my house has outdid me yet. Sure I got a D last term in Science, but even with my current college GPA of 2.7 I am still the king! Lesee I have an Economics test next week... it's multiple choice so I'm shooting for a C. Last year all our tests were multiple choice, and I bombed those but still made around a B average. Bus Math we'll have another test soon, but I've got the base, rate and part problems down. Not sure about Computers... sometime in Feb, but Windows is easy. Hmmmm, Algebra will be Tuesday so I've gotta study. Not to mention I'm doing a report as well. I'm so behind in games and DVDs that it's not even funny. In a way it's good because it's highly unlikely I'll be bored. Two months ago I would be crying every night, but now I'm back to the way I was before. I'm not happy and crazy... but I am very content with my current and soon to be life. Now I expect some more DD entries. I will too, but don't let me down guys. I'll give Cheerio slack since she writes on SC. Later!

Fresh Air Once More

*Dusts off certain areas*

How was everyone's weekend?

Mine was okay. I got some well-deserved sleep, got on the net and watched some television. Too bad school is back tomorrow.


Gameboy Advance SP is still calling out to me. I want one so badly.

Soon enough, soon enough.

I really have nothing else to talk about. :/

new member

i joined the community hoping that the members consister of people that enjoy playing mario kart double dash, and not people who enjoy to run quick sprints two times consecutively. anyway, the names ron. hola.


Dear Day,

You sucked! Well, at least 10% of you did anyway.

“Ive got a lovely bunch of cocoanuts…there they are a standing in a row, BIG ones, small ones…some as BIG AS YOUR HEAD!”

*gasps* Really? Wow! *grins and waves to everyone*

Drive to school, was oh so fun. What made it fun? I don’t remember. *scratches head* Does this make me dumb, or slow? Oh wellies…

Susana told me that she and Angela went to see Mona Lisa Smile. Which made me feel sad and as if I weren’t their best friend anymore. She promised me, that we could see that movie together. But, oh well…whatever, Im not saying anything. They spent some of this weekend together and I spent it with Sheila. So I have to get over it.

Maybe Im spending too much time with Sheila? Then again, it wouldn’t matter, bc Im drifting from them anyways. I know. I can see it.

I went to first period, did my DLPs and then got our new vocabulary list and got with Jonathan on a computer and went to and did our work. Yayness. Only 20 words this time. *jumps around* Makes me happy. And I wrote Jonathan a dirty letter….hehehe. Aww I love Jonathan, he’s my bestest friend ever!

Then, I went to 2nd. Only thing we did was type one thing…and I played some games on, bc I was getting bored. I was going to write in the “notebook”, but I didn’t feel like it. I don’t ever know what to say to them anymore. Maybe that’s why Im so quiet in the mornings, around them.

Then Amy and I have a discussion. One that scared me and made me wonder…hm…

WONDER: Oh why Buddha, why?

*sits on bed and pouts, thinking about my boring day…and this conversation*

Amy: Okay, I’ll tell you what I was going to tell you. *whispers* I don’t think Im straight.
Amanda: Thought: What is she a lesbian? Said: Okay, why?
Amy: Because when I was watching that movie, the chicks made me, well yeah…
Amanda: Uh..okay. Thought: Freak.

And it made me think of the time last semester, when we both wanted to date Robbie (eww, I think he wants to screw Susana now! and he wanted to date us at the same time (never!). Well she had told me that he wanted her to kiss a girl and she kept asking me if I would and how she would if someone wanted to kiss her. It made me feel as if she was asking me to kiss her, in subtext…trying to make me see this. Ugh. I don’t want to kiss Amy. Maybe Rose. Bc, I love Rosie.

By the way, to be bisexual…you’re supposed to have feelings for both sexes, correct? To be bi-curious, you can just be turned-on, right? So what Amy is saying…is that she is bi-curious? That she gets turned on by hot chicks. (who doesn’t?) Half the schools population is bisexual girls. All that probably fuck with other girls to get guys to watch. Ive heard that maybe one bi-girl had a gf. The rest just say they’re bi and fuck around with girls. Which, isn’t bi to me. No. It’s about feelings. Jesus Christ!

And lately Susana has been acting odd. We were walking down the hall to my locker, to get ready to go home, after running…

Susana: So, what is being bisexual really?
Amanda: Well, if you’re sexually attracted to the same sex, then you don’t really consider it bisexual, maybe bi-curious. Are you?
Susana: Uh..
Amanda: Would you kiss, touch, eat out, finger, or fuck a girl?
Susana: Maybe. *smiles*
Amanda: Okay. Would you ever date one?
Susana: Maybe, if a good enough one came along.

I have a feeling she is lieing. And a feeling Amy is being slow in the head. I honestly, hate people like this. Anyways, my proof on Susana’s behalf.

Susana: Brent asked me if Id kiss another girl to save his life.
Amanda: Okay.
Susana: He asked if Id kiss you and I said no. And then he asked if Id kiss Angela and I said no.

God, I don’t know. Let Amy fuck girls. Let Susana fuck girls. I don’t care. Im ready to get my ass out of fucking school, jesus christ.

“Oooh Cheddar Cheese, Cheddar cheese for you and meeeeeeeeee
Oh Cheddar Cheese, I love theeeeeeeeee”

I didn’t eat lunch again, but I stole some of Ashlea’s lunch, like always. Then we went and got a coke and back to class. Oh happyhappyjoyjoy! I looooove to dance. *dances*

In class we were doing a lab, but Coachy sent us out to look for a balloon, which no one had. Damn them! Grrrr. And Ashlea and me skipped down the hall…and she told my indoor soccer buddee, Justin that I was a lesbian. : Way to go Ashlea! *hits head onto wall* And I flashed the hallway out of bordum, bc no one was there. *licks air*

We saw Mark and he let me pet his hair. It was soft. Jonathan’s is soft too…I love soft hair. I told Mark that if I petted him in the mornings, that he shouldn’t be frightened.

Weeeee. Then in class, Ashlea was telling me when she first loved Jonathan. It was so sweet. And then she told me that when she slept (not had sex) with him…and woke up in his arms, she felt like she was in Heaven.

Ashlea: Have you ever felt like that?
Amanda: No.

Man, I want to feel like that. It made me think of Richard. And how badly, I wanted to wake up in his arms…but that’s crazy. I think. I don’t know. God. *screams loudly and runs in circles*

But I thought about it the whole time in class. It wouldn’t get off my mind. And I wanted to class to go as slow as possible and normally I’d want it to hurry up. Oh, well. I liked thinking about Richard….and stuff.

I forgot to mention…Rose drew a picture of a chick eating out another chick and I stole it from her. Amy wanted it, but I took it. She begged Rose to draw her one. Lame.

When I was walking with Susana to 6th period, we stopped to see Coach. I told him I didn’t think I was going to play, unless he gave me reasons. He told me all this stuff about letting down the team, leaving like a lot of the others bc they didn’t think they were good, and hurting the team bc I was good and crap…then he said, “Besides, coach and I were thinking about pulling you up to play defense on Varsity.”

Normally, this would have made me smile and jump up and down. I didn’t. I nodded and said I’ll think about it. Ah, I’m gonna. I don’t want to, but I will. I am. Yes.

I’ll still get good grades. And I’ll try to make Varsity and yeah, I’ll do good. I’m sure.

I don’t care to tell the world, what happened in math, bc Mr. Daly just continues to piss me off. Oh, but Deremus…*sniff*, he broke my heart. Said he loved Chelsea, when he said he loved me and wanted me forever. Damn boys! *throws paper across the room* Aww, Deremus is the bestest! *dances happily with Carolyn and Chelsea* I hate this class so much, but I loooove it anyways.

Nikki drove me home and took me on the Expressway! YAY!!!>/b> I looove her.

Hmm…now I’m home and I have to read Moby Dick and do the work in the book and in the workbook, study for Spanish2 and do the page she assigned…and do anything needed in US History…or I can wait til tonight. *smiles* Because I’m lazy and I don’t want to do it. Weeeeeee. Yayness.


P.S. I’m not weird, I’m just abnormal. *kisses unknown person, then twirls away singing.*

“Oh I, I just died in your arms tonight
It must have been something you said
I just died in your arms tonight
I keep looking for something I can't get
Broken hearts lie all around me
And I don't see an easy way to get out of this
Her diary it sits on the bedside table
The curtains are closed, the cats in the cradle”

–Cutting Crew “I just died in your arms tonight”

I was singing this on the way home. God, I can’t sing.
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Naruto never seems to get dull. It gets better and better. *Gasp* It's right up there with CCS, and it just might surpass it. Not the manga of CCS, the anime, of course. Anywho...

Now for a series of smilies:

O_O O.O O.o o.O U_U ^_^ ^^ ^______^ O________O >.> <.< ;_; @_@ $_$ T_T ¬¬ ¬_¬ Z_Z X_X x.x

Okay, that's pretty much all I can think of.

Sprite is so good. I had been drinking so much Coke that I almost forgot about the greatness in a can known as Sprite. I love you Sprite! And I still love Coke. Pepsi still sucks!
I need a rootbeer...o.o

Richard, it is time you post more in Anime Nation forums. Cheerio and I are, and you need to also! Join the community of fellow anime otaku and feel the warmth of our love and knowledge.

Do you have get the feeling that something is watching you while you type? I get that feeling way too much. Hopefully nothing is watching me, but you never know. Even as I type, I am too scared to look behind me. >.> (O_O)

Anyway, good-bye until later, Double Dashers!

^ Clicky!
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Cheddar Cheese

Cheddar Cheese is good. Sring cheese is good. Yum, yum too yum.
I wanna eat all the cheese.

Yes, yes I do. *dances around the room*

I was sickly, yet I feel a lot better. I have an indoor soccer game tomorrow at 5. Im gonna die. And Im on my period. Being a girl sucks major ass.

I hate all male figures. Yes, yes I do.

Well, except for one. And only one. VEGETA! *does happee dance*

Vegeta is the only male I could ever love/care about.

*hugs rm* Sheila!!!!! I wanna counter. :(
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